Rental Agreements

Upon choosing of a tenant (made in consultation with yourself if this is your preference), My Realty Plus will prepare all the legal documentation as necessary with the tenant.

Documentation used by My Realty Plus is governed by the Western Australian Residential Tenancies Act 1987. All of the My Realty Plus Property Managers are fully qualified and knowledgeable of all legal requirements and forms. Explanation and execution of the leasing agreements and forms is undertaken with the tenants, with copies kept on file.

The tenant is provided with a copy of their signed Tenancy Agreement and two copies of their Ingoing Property Inspection Report. They are instructed to check and return one copy of the Ingoing Property Inspection Report, signed, within seven days.

Tenants are explained in details all parts of the Tenancy Agreement. They are advised of rent due times, how to pay, where to pay, and consequences if rent becomes in arrears; along with any special Terms and Conditions as per your requirements.

Tenants are advised on how frequent rental inspections are performed.

Tenants are advised on the My Realty Plus repairs and maintenance procedure, and what to do in case of an emergency.

Once all forms have been signed by the tenant, and initial rent and bond money has been paid, tenants are given keys to the property. The day the tenant receives the keys, is the day their rent commences from.

A set of keys for your property is also kept in the My Realty Plus office under a coded system – no address is recorded on the keys for security purposes.

Your My Realty Plus Property Manager will then send you a copy of the Tenancy Agreement and the Ingoing Property Inspection Report once returned signed by the tenant, for your records.